THE GALLERY Contest-Poll: Best EXTREME METAL albums for the year 2020!

THE GALLERY Contest-Poll: Best EXTREME METAL albums for the year 2020!

(the contest is valid for Full-Length albums, not for Eps, Live Albums or Singles)

2020 is slowly coming to an end. Leaving behind this somewhat “different” period and for the THIRD consecutive year, as a page we will gather the 12 most appreciated Extreme Metal albums for the year that passed (related to Extreme Metal music and especially Τhrash/Death/Black genres and their branches).
For once more, this year, this list will be created by you-the readers of THE GALLERY (always with the valuable contribution of our authors)! After reviewing 2020’s releases and deciding the 12 albums that you liked the most, you are asked to send them to us (in descending order of preference).

01. Horna – Kuoleman Kirjo (12 points)
02. Necrophobic – Dawn Of The Damned (11 points)
03. …..
04. …..
05. …..
06. …..
07. …..
08. …..
09. …..
10. …..
11. …..
12. Gaerea – Limbo (1 point)

The first album in your list will get twelve points while the last album will take one. All together will be gathered at the end, creating the top 12 albums of THE GALLERY’s readers for the year 2020!
In order to enter the draw you have to make TWO moves, to ensure integrity but also to facilitate us in the final harvest of points. So:

A. AT THE PAGE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, below this text (in the comments field) you shall put your chosen 12 albums using your name as a “username” and also giving an e-mail.

B. The second stage is related to the harvesting and clearing of the scores. Go to the Google link HERE, and put your 12 favorite albums for 2020. You will need to enter your email, your name and your name on Facebook.

Last deadline for anyone interested in sending the list is December 31st, until the change of the year. The draw will take place in the New Year, after we reach the final results.

Incomplete lists (with less than 12 albums) will not be counted in the final result and will not participate in the draw. Also lists with bands from other Metal branches (except the ones we ask for), will not be counted in the competition.


Knowing that it’s Christmas time, we won’ t let you empty handed! The ones that will participate in our contest, they will automatically join the list for the final draw, which includes:

Gift 01 – 1 X Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (Vinyl)
Gift 02 – 1 X Vice Human – Beyond This Life (Vinyl)
Gift 03 – 1 X Disharmony – The Gate of Deeper Sleep (Vinyl 7’’)
Gift 04 – 1 X Panddora – Cold Eyes (Vinyl 7’’)
Gift 05 – 1 X Obsecration – Oceanum Oblivione (CD)
Gift 06 – 1 X Incubus – Lost Souls (CD)
Gift 07 – 1 X Overdrive – On the Run + DemosRarities (Complation) (CD)

(We would like to thank Supreme Music Creations for the offering of SEVEN gifts at our competition)

Gift 08 – 1 X Moshpit Doom by Mosher Clothing (T-Shirt)
Gift 09 – 1 X Silent Winter – The Circles Of Hell (Vinyl)
Gift 10 – 1 X Unverkalt – L’ Origine Du Monde (CD)
Gift 11 – 1 X Rollin’ Dice –- Reroll (CD)

(We would like to thank the company for the offering of FOUR gifts at our competition)

Gift 12 – 1 X Nightrage – Demo 2000 (CD)

(We thank NIGHTRAGE and Marios Iliopoulos for offering the CD “Demo 2000” at our competition)

Gift 13 – 1 X Athos – With Darkest Hails (CD)
Gift 14 – 1 X Athos – Noht Lerapot (CD)

(We would like to thank ATHOS for offering “With Darkest Hails” and “Noht Lerapot” CDs at our competition)

Gift 15 – 1 X Extremity Obsession – Segment 8 (CD)

(We would like to thank EXTREMITY OBSESSION for offering the CD “Segment 8” at our competition).

Gift 16 – Gift-card 20 € from NO REMORSE store in Athens.

(We would like to thank Konstantinos Tompoulidis (THE GALLERY’s reader and friend) for offering this Gift-card at our competition).

Gift 17 – 1 X Mind Terrorist – Spiritual Revolution (CD)

(We would like to thank MIND TERRORIST for offering the CD “Spiritual Revolution” at our competition.

Gift 18 – 1 X Pentagram – Curious Volume (CD)
Gift 19 – 1 X Gentihaa- Reverse Entropy (CD)

(We would like to thank Sotiris Avadaios (THE GALLERY’s reader and friend) for offering this two CDs at our competition).

Gift 20 – 1 item from the Merch of SADHUS.

(We would like to thank ADHUS for offering this item at our competition.

Gift 21 – Gift-card 30 € from NO REMORSE store in Athens.

(We would like to thank Yolanda María Domínguez Ríos (THE GALLERY’s reader and friend) for offering this Gift-card at our competition).

Gift 22 – 1 T-Shirt “The Gallery” from the store Talasnotse.
Gift 23 – 1 T-Shirt “The Gallery” from the store Talasnotse.

(We would like to thank Dimitris from Thasos island (THE GALLERY’s reader and friend) for offering those two T-shirts at our competition).

Gift 24 – Gift-card 20 € from THE NEPHILIM STORE in Thessaloniki.

(We would like to thank Nikos Babis and THE NEPHILIM STORE for offering this Gift-card at our competition).

Gift 25 – 1 Χ Vinyl 7” Kawir/Yoth Iria (split) from the company Hell’s Fire Records.
Gift 26 – 1 Χ T-Shirt Zaratus (black, size Μedium) from the company Hell’s Fire Records.

(We would like to thank Panos Sgouralis and the store Hell’s Fire Records for offering those two gifts at our competition).

Ps. Prizes will be mailed to the winners. So open your notes and let’s make together the list with the 12 most remarkable releases of the year that leaves us!!

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  1. tasospezos

    1.Dark Fortress – Spectres from the Old Aorld
    2.Heathen – Empire of the Blind
    3.Black Soul Horde – Land of Demise
    4.Enslaved – Utgard
    5.Death Courier – Necrotic Verses
    6.Dool – Summerland
    7.Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy
    8.Pain of Salvation – Panther
    9.Vredehammer – Viperous
    10.Deftones – Ohms
    11.Kvelertak – Splid
    12.High Spirits – Hard to Stop

  2. Kerveros

    Πολλές ωραίες κυκλοφορίες φέτος…και πολλά EP τόσο απο Ελληνικές αλλά και από ξένες μπάντες που δυστυχώς λόγω κανονισμού δεν μπορώ να βάλω στο τοπ 12. Όσο για την επιλογή μου, δύσκολη αλλά τα κατάφερα να τα ξεμπλέξω κάπως. Όλα τα παρακάτω τα έχω λιώσει στο άκουσμα! Πάμε λοιπόν…

    01 – Akantha – Gnothi Seauton
    02 – Minenwerfer – Alpenpasse
    03 – Desperate – Echo Of Madness
    04 – Horna – Kuoleman Kirjo
    05 – Inquisition – Black Mass For A Mass Grave
    06 – Promytheus – Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old
    07 – MH OV – Cosmogony
    08 – Sulferon – Death And The Philosopher
    09 – Bacchus Mass – Astron Kynos
    10 – Drengskapur – Was Der Morast Verschlang
    11 – Bezeha – Smyrna
    12 – Animal Man Machine – The Cruelty Of Life

  3. Giannis Arfaras

    1. Ulver – flowers of evil
    2. Enslaved – Utgard
    3. Katavasia – Magnus Venator
    4. Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still
    5. Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy
    6. Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin kynsi
    7. Draghkar – At the Crossroads of Infinity
    8. Abigor – Totschläger – A Saintslayer’s Songbook
    9. Inquisition – Black Mass For A Mass Grave
    10. Darkenhöld – Arcanes & Sortilèges
    11. Vanik – III
    12. Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot

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