THE GALLERY Contest: NIGHTFALL Calendars Of 2021 – At Night We Prey (05/04/2021)

THE GALLERY Contest: NIGHTFALL Calendars Of 2021 – At Night We Prey (05/04/2021)

This year reserved us a great surprise; the comeback of NIGHTFALL, one of the most important Extreme Metal bands in Greece! Their latest album is entitled “At Night We Prey”. Grabbing this opportunity, we offer to some lucky ones fifteen (!!) calendars of NIGHTFALL’s history, In these 2021’s calendars you can enjoy some cover photos of all the band’s releases, in chronological order.

All you have to do in order to participate to our contest, is to share this post to your facebook page as also write us your opinion about NIGHTFALL’s latest release, at the comments’ section of this article. The contest will be on until 20th of April, 2021 and the gifts will be sent to the lucky winners by post, after the lot.

You can read THE GALLERY’s review of “At Night We Prey” album by clicking on the album’s cover below…

We would like to thank NIGHTFALL and personally Efthimis Karadimas for kindly offering those calendars to our contest.

Contest’s winners:

Simona Ariton, Yolanda Dominguez, Βαλάντης Λώλης, Thanos Hond, Christina Christinaki, Μιχάλης Τσίγκος, Vasilis Koskinas, Giorgos Amadeus Gatos, Dimos Dreamdim, Antonis Siniorakis, Spiros Matisse, Filomeni Riga, Vassiliki Pantazi, Nikos Kitsakis, Ioannis Kantartzis

Your presents will be sent via mail. Thank you all for your participation.

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  1. Simona Ariton

    their comeback is strong, intense, magic, dark Hellenic Black Metal <3

  2. Yolanda Domínguez

    There are still 2 songs I haven’t heard but I added the other 8 to my playlists. I can’t say that of many albums

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