THE GALLERY Contest: KAWIR – “Adrasteia” (28/01/2020)

THE GALLERY Contest: KAWIR – “Adrasteia” (28/01/2020)

This is your chance to WIN a CD of KAWIR’s latest album, “Adrasteia”, offered by the band to THEGALLERY.GR’s readers and followers.

The only thing you have to do is answer at the following question:

“What is the name of the KAWIR’s first album and when was it released?”

The winner will be picked after a draw and will be announced at our Webzine and in our Facebook group. The price can be collected from the metal bar “Isengard” in Piraeus, Greece (unless the winner does not live in Athens. In that case it will be sent to him/her).

The correct answers should be sent to “”, using the title “KAWIR” plus your name (you can use your Facebook name in order to have an easier contact). The answers can be submitted till the 1st of February (23:59 hrs), the day that KAWIR perform at the UNDER THE PAGAN MOON FEST 2.

We would like to thank KAWIR for their kind offer! Good luck to everyone!


Simona Ariton (Romania)

Ps. The correct answer was: «Προς Κάβειρους – To Cavirs» (1997)

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  1. Simona Ariton

    Thank you so much, Kawir for the great music – the new album is nothing short of great ( Limniades is on repeat in my playlist – I get an Agammemnon feeling when I listen to it) and thank you nice people from The Gallery for the magnificent job you do, with the magazine, the radio and the facebook group ^_^ you, ALL, rock!

    1. Alexandros S.

      Thank you very much “lucky” Simona!! 🙂

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