Sworn To The Sword – The Calling

Sworn To The Sword – The Calling


Total running time: 61:04

SWORN TO THE SWORD are coming from the American south (Texas). They were formed in 2013 as FENRIS, released a full length album in 2014 and in 2017 they changed their name to SWORN TO THE SWORD, with their first album being called “The Calling”, for which you will read now.

It seems that Finland is holding the throne of Folk/Pagan metal scene and once again we can see that in its glory. Obviously influenced by ENSIFERUM, FINNTROLL, MOONSORROW, some CHILDREN OF BODOM, NORTHER and in general bands of this style and why not, a bit of ELUVEITIE. Speaking of pros and cons, I must say that it is a big plus for me the fact that BAL-SAGOTH are “floating” above the whole album. It is also knowed that bands of this style, know exactly what they are doing. The album is played with a lot of integrity, the production is nice and shiny and the songs are orchestrated as they should. There are also very nice changes between harsh and clean vocals, some female vocals can be found here and there to give some atmosphere and everything is fine. Another “must” for the genre is the use of keyboards to give some “epicness” to the whole thing. At this point we must note that the violin is included in the band’s lineup and together with it, we can listen to some flute, just to give that feeling of elves and unicorns dancing around!

To sum up, “The Calling” is a fresh and alive album really worthy of our attention, however it doesn’t give something new and innovative to the genre (let’s be honest, everything is played a million times nowadays). I wish that the band will go on, while maintaining the same level and quality.

Rating: 7/10

Nick “Yngve” Samios

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