Suicidal Angels – Years Of Aggression

Suicidal Angels – Years Of Aggression

(Noise Art Records)

Total Time: 41:34

Three years after “Division Of Blood” these thrashers from Athens are back with their new 7th album. Meanwhile they played numerous gigs, festivals and tours, so only as inactive you cannot call them.  On the other hand, the thrash metal is rather calm now after the last decade’s explosion with all these new bands, reunions and tons of albums, so its interesting to see what your friends here are now doing.

The first thing that we notice after playing the album for the first time, is that its not “full speed ahead” like the past but now we have new things rising up, things that with one word I would describe as “time to move on” or “grow up”. I say that with every good sense of these words, the thrash metal elements are always here, but some progress is made, making the writer here happy as he doesn’t like listening to the same thing over and over again.

The album startrs with “Endless War”, one of the thrasiest numbers here while “Born of Hate” that follows, is one of my favorites combining speed, melody and epic guitars that give it all ! Next is “Bloody Ground” where speed is sacrificed for extra quality and melody and then “D.I.V.A”, a small total thrash tune before “From All the One” and “Order of Death” will slow things down again a little. “The Roof of Rats” will rise the heat before the last track “The Sacred Dance with Chaos” starts and with its over 7 minutes length will unleash a new more atmospheric face of the band that we haven’t seen before.

So, the basic things to focus here are, the great work on guitars, riffing and melodies, the powerful compositions and the variety on songs and sound. Obviously the Slayer influences are still here, but are now fading out, if I have to name a band now giving their blessings here I’d say Testament . The band is now tight and experienced, with their (not so new) guitarist Gas Drax gives his mark on the guitar playing. On the other hand I would prefer a more thick production, nothing else.

The overall result after numerous hearings is at least impressive, this is a release essential for the fans of the band and for the fans of quality thrash metal and here in Greece we’ll just wait for a headline winter show so we can enjoy these new tunes live !

Rating: 8.5/10

Antonis Livanios

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