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Hello dear metalheads!

In this new guitar lesson I’m jamming some new ideas on how to orchestrate chords and melodies for your songs and create some layers of harmony and melody.

I start by playing some chords with my pick, beginning with:

Em, Esus2/C, Dsus2, Csus2, Am7, Dsus/B, Cadd9, Cb5no3, C5.

Then, on the second run, I start adding another layer of chords by playing a bit different position chords (with fingerpicking this time), harmonizing each chord. With this way, a stereo layer of harmony is created.

Em, Cmaj7, D, Cmaj7, Asus2, Amaj7sus, Bmaj7sus.

Then the first melody kicks in, following the chords. On the second run, I play the same melody in thirds, to add even more layers and depth to the composition.

I always make the trick to pan right and left all my chords and melodies ,so I have a better and more wide stereo sound for the song.

Try to jam always and listen to the music, not paying too much attention on theory. In the end of the day, what sounds best to your ears is the most important thing. Always count on that!

Have fun and stay metal my dear friends. Stay tuned at THEGALLERY.GR for the next lesson…

All the best,

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