Harmony Chords And Clean Solo With Bluesy Vibe

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Hello fellow metalheads!

Ιn this new lesson I’m playing some chords mixed with a clean lead. I’ ‘m using my ESP LTD type strat with the pickups in the middle position and the tone control button up to get this well-known “strat” tone.

On the chords on the first part I’m playing Am7, Dm7 and Em7 chords (very simple chords) and I use alternate picking (down up-down up), I pan on my speakers these chords on the left side pan hard left, and then on the second part I use fingerpicking (no pick), playing a bit different chords, fact that creates a nice harmony with the first chords. I play Am7 on the first position, Dm and Em chords, and I pan these chords hard right, a fact that creates a nice stereo effect (for more melody), giving a color and character to the sound. You can always experiment with the chords and if it sounds good to your ears, its 100% good to use it.

Then, on the solo, part I use the A minor pentatonic scale combined with the A minor scale. I try to arrange my solo with feeling making the notes stand out. You have always to listen firstly to the music, so that you can get inspiration to follow the chords and find some nice melodic runs. I use heavy vibrato on the end of my phrases to add dynamics and character on my solo and I always try to play for the song and not to show off or anything like that. After so many years in music, I finally realize that the “easier” solos sometimes are harder to be arranged.

Have fun and never stop jamming with your favorite tracks or whatever makes you feel inspired! Stay metal and healthy! See you all on the next lesson!


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