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New solo release by the Canadian mastermind DEVIN TOWNSEND (18th to be exact) who moves forward and leaves behind the name THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, while creating something spectacular, beautiful and new that consists of parts from all his musical expressions throughout his career! It’s an album that captures clearly (or at least at a big level) the ‘’contents’’ of this musical genius’s brain and it does so in an impressive manner.

Starting off with the production of this release, there’s nothing negative to be said. Uncle Devin has spoiled us and continues to do so with releases like “Empath”. Every instrument sounds perfect like the choirs and the orchestra.

All the tracks on the album except “Castaway”, “Requiem” which serve as intros and “Hear me”, “Spirits Will Collide” with their specific musical approach, are really difficult to be musically identified and categorized. They contain elements of pop, disco, theater music, extreme metal, jazz and others, yet accompanied by the terrific vocal performance of Devin, they all work and mesh brilliantly.

At this point I have to say that this album is a musical journey from the beginning to the end, and the listener must give the album his undivided attention in order to appreciate it.

Lastly, fans of progressive music will be proud of this release, like a nerd (p.s. me) would for “Avengers: Endgame” or the upcoming “Star Wars Episode IX”.


Panagiotis Koreas
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