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(Rock Cd Records)
Total Running Time:45:16

THYBREATH is a band from Madrid, created in early 2012 and founded by Ivan Arroyo. This album “My Own Hell”, was born thanks to the crowdfunding, it was released last April 8 and contains twelve songs. The band is not particularly known outside Spain, a thing that’s logical with albums like “My Own Hell”, as they are among the worst releases I have heard in the recent years. The band is trying to play modern Thrash Metal with good production and some Groove/Hardcore moments in some tracks, as also there are parts in some songs which remind me the band BEHEMOTH (of the last albums), without “success” of course.

The vocals are divided between brutal and power-clean vocals which do not match the style of the songs. Also the quality of the songs is hopelessly mediocre as all their ideas are borrowed from other big bands. I think that someone hardly can hear the entire album. If someone wants to hear a good recent Thrash Album, it’s better to hear the new XENTRIX and DEATH ANGEL discs.

Rating: 3/10

Nikos Manousis
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