Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh

Septic: from Greek sēptikos, from sēpein ‘make rotten’.
Infernus: in+fire > έν+πύρ
Symphony:from the Greek word συμφωνία (symphonia), meaning “agreement or concord of sound”, “concert of vocal or instrumental music”, from σύμφωνος (symphōnos), “harmonious”.
Theatre: from the Ancient Greek θέατρον (théatron, “a place for viewing”), itself from θεάομαι (theáomai, “to see”, “to watch”, “to observe”).
Metropolis: a Greek word, coming from μήτηρ, mḗtēr meaning “mother” and πόλις, pólis meaning “city” or “town”.
Prime: Primus > Πρώιμος
Orchestra: from Greek orkhēstra, from orkheisthai ‘to dance’.
Music: from Greek mousikē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of the Muses’, from mousa ‘muse’.
Scene: from Greek skēnē ‘tent, stage’.
Mega: from Greek megas ‘great’.
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Vasilis “Unscarred” Georgiou

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