Downstrokes and Triplets Palm Muting Riffs

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Hello dear metalheads!

In this lesson I’m demonstrating a very well-known and needed technique for downstrokes, to execute simple metal riffs. In metal music the riff is everything, so the heavier and aggressive sounding the better. I’m playing the riffs on this lesson using downstrokes. That technique is when you pick with your right hand and all picks go down-down-down etc With that way you produce a really tight and metal sound!

Also, at the same time palm** the strings with your right hand close to the bridge and, with this way you are deadening the sound of the riff, making it sound evil and more sinister, getting the metal sound we all know. Take for an example Metallica and Pantera riffs, well known to use this particular technique.

I’m also using some triplets’ riffs to make it even more aggressive and powerful! We can call it a heavy metal gallop*.
Make sure that you mute all unwanted strings with both of your hands and have fun!

Have a great summer time with great music and metal riffs!

* A gallop is a beat or rhythm typically used in traditional heavy metal songs. It is created by playing an eighth note followed by two sixteenth notes (eighth note beamed sixteenth notes), usually on rhythm guitar or drum kit. One technique on guitar involves strumming palm muted power chords in an up-and-down motion with a pick, thereby creating an ostinato. Variations include the triplet gallop and the reverse gallop.

** Hold your pick comfortably and rest the side of your palm on the strings where they meet the bridge. Fret a note and pick the string to see how it sounds. Gradually, move your hand further onto the strings for a stronger dampening effect or onto the bridge, to allow the strings to ring out more clearly.

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