Mystic Prophecy – Metal Division

Mystic Prophecy – Metal Division

Year: 2020
Total Time: 45:03
Label: Rock Of Angels Records

I remember that unforgettable hot metal weekend of December 2017 with the President (what do you mean “which President”??) in Sofia and Thessaloniki, when after HELOWEEN “Pumpkins United” in Bulgaria,  we saw NIGHTRAGE, RAGE and MYSTIC PROPHECY supporting FIREWIND, where I was impressed very much by Liapakis’ band. They had incredible energy and performance on stage and their sound was amazing!

MYSTIC PROPHECY over the years have evolved into a great Heavy/Power band with an old school attitude and an inexhaustible riffin’ killing machine! Its obvious that the road experience from the continuous touring is now widespread all over this album. The sound is much more compact, the compositions are ripe and the engines of the riffs are burning, all of which create a sound that, above all, seems familiar to us.

Separate highlights include the launch of “Metal Division”, the forthcoming “Eye to Eye”, the must-have live setlist mid-tempo “Here Comes The Winter”. Unstoppable very Heavy “cuts” in the style of JUDAS PRIEST and ICED EARTH’, culminating in ‘Die with the Hammer’ and ‘Re-Incarnation’. Here, we certainly have a very good record that only sounds loud and should not be missed by any Heavy/Power metal collection that wants to be respected.

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Nikos Mathiopoulos
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