Meneapneontes – Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής

Meneapneontes – Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής

Year: 2018
Total Time: 52:47
Label: Azermedoth Records

MENEAPNEONTES is a Greek Black metal band which was created in 2011 and in 2015 released the very good debut album ‘Promachos”. The “Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής” album that was launched in 2018 is their second complete work. Lyrically they are dealing with the ancient Greek history and musically the band arranges an Epic/Black Metal style that could characterize them as the Greek GRAVELAND.

The album begins with an intro consisting of female choral vocals, until the first raw Black metal riff comes in and then hell is unleashed! Overall, the album moves into aggressive Black metal paths with epic melodies and their music is also enriched by female vocals and some ambient and folk instruments, usually found in the pagan tradition. The truth is that MENEAPNEONTES have managed to combine very good the Black metal music with pagan/folk elements as there are moments on the album with a mystical atmosphere that make you feel like you’re being transported to ancient Greece, attending some pagan ritual of the ancient times. In addition, the fact that all the lyrics are written in Greek and talk about Greek mythology and history gives an extra credit to the album’s atmosphere. Musically the band is mainly influenced by the 90’s Greek Black Metal scene and in moments by Death Metal acts (mostly BOLT THROWER) too. The production of the album is an “old school” one, fact that makes “Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής” sound more intense and aggressive.

MENEAPNEONTES with their second album have improved compared to their debut, travelling us to the golden years of the Hellenic Black Metal scene (ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON) by offering a nice album of melodic pagan Black Metal with an epic atmosphere. Highlights of the album are “Kataigis”’ (with guest vocals from Hildr Valkyrie), the title track and “Castles” with the participation of the legendary Magus Wampyr Daoloth (NECROMANTIA, THOU ART LORD, ex-ROTTING CHRIST).

Rating: 6/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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