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(Nuclear Blast)
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“Catharsis”, the newest album from MACHINE HEAD or it might be better to say “Supercharger No.2” … which, from what I read was a possible “swan song” for the band. How true is the fact that history repeats itself.  An even more interesting fact is that this is the first time since the “More Things Change” period, in which all band members were involved in the songwriting process. So I will try to be more lenient with the musical genius called Lawrence Matthew Cardine, better known as Robert Conrad Flynn, the creator and master of MACHINE HEAD.

From the first few seconds and while “Volatile” plays, a bad thought passes through my mind. If I did not accidentally choose Slipknot on youtube, then I’ll probably have to listen to a record without inspiration. I suggest its immediate renaming to “Cleansing”, since it made it all clear concerning the future of the members. If they wanted to release this patchwork of all their high school musical influences, they should do it with another name.

To cut a long story short, the time I’m writing this review I’ve already heard seven of the sixteen tracks of the album and I’ve already formed my opinion….although I am the guy who when he starts watching a movie will sit down to see it till the end, hoping that the coveted goal will come at some point, even at the last minute!

Here I will say that “Catharsis” is for me a mediocre record. In my opinion, the last serious work of the Americans was “The Blackening,” something like the “Black Album” of METALLICA.

Beyond that, if you are able to, do not miss the “band playing everything” on this 25-year tour for “Burn My Eyes” album, with the authentic guitarist Logan Mader and our own Chris Kontos … Robb ?? ;; !!!!!!!


Vasilis “Unscarred” Georgiou

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