LORD AGHEROS announced the album “Koinè”.

LORD AGHEROS announced the album “Koinè”.

The Italian Folk/Black Metal project named LORD AGHEROS announced their upcoming album titled “Koinè” which shall be released on February 18th, 2022 via My Kingdom Music.

Moreover, the band also unveiled the cover artwork for the album and the tracklist which you can see below:

1.The Prophecy
2. The Walls Of Nowhere
3. Hold The Line
4. Sow
5. Same Blood
6. Sleep Among The Stars
7. …Of May
8. Litany Of The Hermit

LORD AGHERON comments:

It was a long journey and I’m extremely proud of what I have achieved this time. I can firmly say that I have pushed the limits of LORD AGHEROS musical exploration, while the musical roots have grown even deeper into my musical essence. This is the most powerful, various and grandiose LORD AGHEROS album to date! Let there be no doubt!

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