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Year: 2023
Total Time: 46.46
Label: Nuclear Blast

After 2019’s excellent “I, The Mask”, on February 10th, IN FLAMES released its successor named “Foregone”. We were waiting like maniacs the 14th album of the Swedes, as its predecessor kept us very hyped for the band’s return to a more heavier sound, since “Battles” and “Siren Charms” went almost unnoticed. So, “Foregone” consists of twelve new songs, of which five of them were already released as singles starting from the middle of the previous year until this year’s February. All music and lyrics are written by the two original band members of the band, Anders Friden and Bjorn Gellote and distributed via Nuclear Blast. As for the singles, in order of release they are: “State of Slow Decay”, “The Great Deceiver”, “Foregone Part 1”, “Foregone Part 2” and “Meet Your Maker”. We realize now that the record is out, both the band and the marketing department of Nuclear Blast released the most representative tracks of the record. All five of them are heavy, with nice, melodic riffs and solos, blast drums and Anders’ voice in a very good form with growls and completely clean vocals in several parts of the songs. Classic, tested recipes with sure success. Let’s go to the songs, one by one:

“The Beginning Of All Things That Will End”, which opens the record, is a melodic, nostalgic, acoustic song that it sure isn’t representative of the album, but it certainly is a very beautiful start. After all, IN FLAMES have given quite a few acoustic parts in between their songs over the years, but never a whole one.

“Bleeding Out” a more laid back and rhythmic song without too much to say. Shifts from clean to growl vocals also in this one. I would call it quite average as it reminded me of the “Battles” and “Siren Charms” as I mentioned before.

After the “Foregone Pt 1 and Pt 2” we get to “Pure Light Of Mind” which is my favorite song from the record and the reason is that it feels like an arrow coming straight to your heart and your feelings and definitely not a song you expect to hear from this band. It starts with a peaceful acoustic melody and a few seconds later …BOOOM… all the instruments filling in like an explosion, playing the same melody but takes it to another level. Melancholic, pessimistic, speaking of sadness and loss. The almost complete absence of growl vocals in this one I believe was necessary. It reminded me a lot of “The Chosen Pessimist”, an also favorite song of mine, from the distant 2008’s “A Sense of Purpose”.

Moving on to “In The Dark” a very heavy guitar song with Anders growl singing is majestic. Of course, he spoils it again in the chorus where he goes clean again.

From the first note of “A Dialogue In B Flat Minor” someone would think that they forgot to put this song on “Come Clarity”. Shifts from growl to clean vocals here too…. Classic Swedish riffing and outro with acoustic guitars. You don’t change a winning team.

A surprise song before the ending “Cynosure”. The bass guitar takes over in this one and becomes the “Leonidas” who stands out of his 300s for the battle. Heavy and rhythmic, with dropped tempo at 85bpm, it reminds me again of “Battles” and “Siren Charms” but modified with a better aesthetic which suits the whole record and doesn’t make it sound odd.

Last but not least, “End Of Transmission” where here we have very deep and eerie-growl vocals (and clean of course…). Nothing special to be honest. An easy-listening song, but with an emblematic verse which will finish my review with it.

Somewhere out there… there is also a bonus song called “Become One” which is only available in the super deluxe version of the album so I didn’t have the chance to listen to.

So… The band, that we love to hate, gave us a very good record in general, with old and new “ingredients”  mixed up and with the excellent production of Howard Benson. I won’t hide that I miss some elements of their identity that I love, I miss Danny behind the drum-kit and his unique style of playing, I miss the iconic guitar melodies that stuck in your head… The constant shifts from clean to growl vocals tired me a bit, but there is no doubt that this is an absolute IN FLAMES record. The addition of Broderick, Wayne and Paul in their respective positions was vital to the band’s return to the heavier sound. Perhaps the appearance of significant competition from their former members (The Halo Effect) shook them a little. The mastermind of IN FLAMES, Anders Friden, said in an interview that he doesn’t care what former members do and he haven’t even listened to their record. In the meantime they played together at the Sweden Rock Festival last summer… Who knows…Anyway…Until we see them in our Greece…

Choose your side, there are no winners.
Hell is overcrowded and heaven’s full of sinners.

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Marios Tsampazoglou
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    I was really confused by this one…
    One the one side some really great songs that reminds me their glorious past and on the other hand some really mediocre ones…
    The thing that annoyed me the most was the clean vocals that are really not fitting on the mood and the style of a melodic death metal album, reminding mostly alternative / numeral genres…
    I would like to have some more test listenings but for now I would give a 7/10…

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