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Slayer, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Obituary (Berlin, Germany – 02/12/18)

After a week of tourism at the beautiful Amsterdam and having wandered all over the Dutch Capital, my holidays were coming towards their glorious end, so I took my flight to Berlin to attend the long expected SLAYER’s live on their final tour! I still can’t believe they’re doing a farewell tour. Who? The mighty […]

Gentihaa, Dimlight, Warship (Athens, Greece – 8/11/2019)

GENTIHAA is a new Greek Metal band, being introduced to us through its recent album “Reverse Entropy” and the two live appearances in Athens and Thessaloniki as the support band to DIMMU BORGIR. After these successful performances they decided to present their debut album “Reverse entropy” with a release party at Temple. Support groups were […]

Acid Death, Dreamlong Dead, Evil Within (Athens, Greece – 26/10/2019)

A festive live show on the 26th of October, 2019, at the Temple Athens Live Club, with ACID DEATH celebrating their 30 years of existence. Athens was the final stop of the “Alive And Still Kicking 30-Years Anniversary Greek Tour”, and, besides ACID DEATH, we would have the opportunity to enjoy DREAMLONG DEAD and EVIL […]

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