EUPHROSYNE release official video for new single “Sister Of Violence”.

You are currently viewing EUPHROSYNE release official video for new single “Sister Of Violence”.

Greek Post Black Metal outfit EUPHROSYNE, has released “Sister Of Violence”, the first single of its upcoming debut EP “Keres”, accompanied by an official video. The new EP is set for release on November 25th.

“Sister Of Violence” was directed and edited by Manos Georgakopoulos (U217) and showcases the band’s moody, Gothic Black Metal leanings in an equally hazy and dark live setting where Eva is the focus, but her bandmates are equally represented both visually and musically. The track was mixed and mastered by Psychon (SEPTICFLESH), with the vocals tracked at Sound Abuse Productions studio.

The band states: “The whole song discusses the handling of fear and anger caused by abandonment, as well as the emotion of betrayal, which can even come from our own selves. ‘Sister of Violence’ indicates a metaphorical person we are attached to in any way and describes our darkest thoughts in our time of need. Using the word ‘violence,’ emphasis is placed on pivotal moments when trust and childlike innocence are lost, as one experiences these described emotions in a harsh and violent transitional phase from adolescence to adulthood. Seeking the way out of emotional exhaustion, the song is ending with the relief of letting all go and reaching the point of inner peace.”

EUPHROSYNE was formed as a duo — Efi Eva (vocals), Alex Despotidis (guitar) — during the pandemic and self-released two tracks (“Thorns Above the Skies” and “Rattus”) during that initial creative blush. The duo then sought to fortify its ranks by bringing in George Gazis (bass) and Kostas Mamalis (drums) to work on its planned seven-song debut EP, “Keres”. It’s this fully solidified lineup that appears in the video for the “Sister Of Violence.”

You can watch the official video for “Sister Of Violence” below:

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