Em Melodies and Octaves with Smooth Vibrato

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Hello dear Metalheads!

In this new lesson I’m jamming some melodies in E minor scale.

While playing brutal music for so many years, we are always striving for some melodies that will lift up our music and make the songs more melodic. I feel that the melodies have a very important role in the developing of our style as they give that “eerie” and nice contrast along with the brutality of our music.

In this lesson I’m playing some Em minor scale licks that combine open strings and smooth vibrato to make the runs interesting and give some touch of “sadness” and many other different emotions.

I’m using alternate picking (down up-down up) and I also use the power of the open strings along with the fretted notes. At the end, I’m using some octaves*. It’s basically 2 notes that are the same having a special sound, which is really powerful when you play them together. Always mute all the unwanted strings with both of your hands to have a cleaner sound on your melodies.

Have a great season and stay all safe out there!

Metal on!

Ps. * Western music consists of 12 identifiable pitches and those pitches repeat in the same order throughout the complete span of human hearing. If we select a note – say Bb for instance – we mention that the next Bb is “an octave away.”

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