Elvenking – Reader Οf Τhe Runes: Divination

Elvenking – Reader Οf Τhe Runes: Divination

Year: 2019
Total Time: 52:25
Label: AFM Records

ELVENKING has always been a key part of the European Folk and Power Metal scene. They’ve been active for about two decades now and already have nine albums in their catalogue. Originating from Italy, the band, quickly has grown strong in the fields of melodic European Power Metal. In 2019, the band returned with their new 10th album ” Reader Of The Runes: Divination”, which is the first chapter in a completely new fantasy story called ” Reader Of The Runes” and takes place in a brand new world that the band has created. This concept album, as the first chapter of the story, is intended to introduce us to the world and the characters that will follow in the next albums or chapters…

Aside from the songs and the atmosphere, the instruments are the ones that contribute the most to the difference in their sound, comparing with any of their previous albums. There are many chorus parts, such as in “Reader Of The Runes – Book I”, and many pieces in which traditional European instruments play an important role. In addition, the guitars have come to the fore as the driving force behind the songs and their combination with violins, acoustic guitars and various other strings and drums make up a fascinating ensemble.

“Inspired” is the word describing Italians new album, which sounds incredibly refreshing while the idea surrounding the story they want to tell, clearly introduces some additional motivation to do so. “Silverseal” is the epitome of the aforementioned elements, with a swinging rhythm and a clear concert chorus that will stick in your mind after listening to it! The final track, “Reader Of The Runes – Book I” is perhaps a bit longer than it should, giving an extra effort for an even more epic atmosphere, though not necessary.

This concept album is definitely a good start to the band’s new world and history. As with all stories, the first chapter is usually not the best part of history, but all good stories need a good start, and this album is definitely just that. ELVENKING, show that they have great potentials, trying out new ideas in the ” Reader Of The Runes – Divination”. All in all, the album did its job as an introductory chapter to a new Saga, and that’s probably the main thing someone could ask for. ELVENKING fans should not miss the start of this brand new and seemingly beautiful journey.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Fanouris Exintavelonis
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