Eisregen – Wiedergänger (EP)

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Year: 2022
Total Time: 13.08
Label: Massacre Records

EISREGEN is from Germany and was formed 28 years ago by Yiantit in charge of music and M.Roth a.k.a Blutkehle on vocals. These two are still the core of the band and are always accompanied by session or guest musicians for the recordings or live. “Wiedergänger” is a mcd that is the forerunner of their 15th full length album “Grenzgänger” !! Their style remains a hybrid between Gothic and Death/Black Metal with the electronic element being also very intense. Sometimes one style prevails, sometimes the other, so each of their songs is completely unpredictable…

“Wiedergänger” consists of three tracks, the self-titled in two versions (single edit and remixed version) cover to one of the hottest Industrial/Dark Electro bands from Austria NACHTMAHR, as well as the b-side “Vampir von Düsseldorf”. In the self-titled song we will hear exactly what was described above with some extra elements such as violin and some female vocals from guest musicians. The strange thing is that the b-side is better than the single in my opinion, and it’s also much stronger and closer to Black/Death Metal, especially in the vocals. The aforementioned remix is also very good.

In conclusion, at this release we don’t hear anything different from all the previous albums, so one can easily understand how “Grenzgänger” will sound. Still, it’s a pretty nice job from a respectable band of this style.

Rating: NA
Editor: Dimitris Argyrakis
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