Deus Mortem – The Fiery Blood (EP)

Deus Mortem – The Fiery Blood (EP)

Year: 2020
Total Time: 19:50
Label: Malignant Voices

Polish Black Metallers DEUS MORTEM last year caused “earthquakes” with their excellent second album “Kosmocide” and “forced” us to deal with them. Although they are quite a new band (formed in 2008), they are already among the quality bands of their country having established themselves in the conscioussness of several Black Metal fans worldwide. It then cannot go unnoticed that the Poles are returning this year with their new EP “The Fiery Blood” demolishing everything in their path.

Their new release of consists of four great Black Metal compositions that are distinguished for their dark and violent character. The three songs (“Down the Scorched Paradise”, “Breaking The Sceptres, Crushing The Wands” and “Nod”) move in furious rhythms, creating an elegant savagery, while a feeling of relentless hate hovers throughout the EP. However, the composition that stands out, being one of DEUS MORTEM’s best  ever in their career so far, is “Lord Of Graves”. I open a parenthesis here by saying that MARDUK are the main influence of the Poles in terms of their musical style. The Swedes are remembered by most mainly for their fast and aggressive compositions, while I personally believe that the magic of their sound  is hidden mainly in their mid-tempo songs. So, DEUS MORTEM follow their teachers’s path and with “Lord Of Graves” present us an epic and rather impressive mid-tempo composition, by combining MARDUK of “Nightwing” (“Dreams Of Blood And Iron” song) with BATHORY.

The band continues from where they left off in “Kosmocide”, which is perfectly natural as “The Fiery Blood” songs were written and recorded during the same period and deliver us once again quality Black Metal. Those who loved this album will be seduced by the stormy character of the new compositions and will also love DEUS MORTEM new release, which is also one of this year’s best EPs.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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