Church Of The Cosmic Skull – Everybody’s Going To Die

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 35:14
Label: Septaphonic Records

I would like to start with a confession. Through this article, I find the opportunity to spread the word and make others aware of an amazing band.

CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL is a group that was formed by the guitarist, singer and composer, Bill Fisher in 2015 somewhere in Nottingham. All 7 band members have the title “Brother” or “Sister”, which suggests that they view themselves as a “cult” rather than a rock group. Their initial composition included -other than Brother Bill-, Sisters Joanne (Joyce) and Caroline (Cawley) on vocals, Brother Michael (Wetherburn) on keyboards, Brother Sam (Lloyd) on bass guitar, Brother Laurence (Stone) on drums and Sister Amy (Nicholson) on cello, who had to depart from the group for personal reasons and she was replaced by Brother Joy (Stone) on electric viola. The band has already released 3 albums, “Is Satan Real?” in 2016, “Science Fiction” in 2018 and, their latest endeavour, “Everybody’s Going To Die” in 2019.

After this brief introduction, it is time to look into their music. What we find in the COSMIC SKULL’s latest effort is the sound that makes you smile. The whole album is a trip down memory lane. All 10 songs sound very familiar, yet fresh and enjoyable. The genre could be better described as progressive rock. However, there are many other influences and references. Starting from the very “Queeny” intro song “Fantasy”, to the Gary Moore-like blues song “The Hunt”, or the song that Prince himself could had written, “Living In A Bubble”. There are many guitar riffs and licks that Tony Iommi would be jealous of. Other influences include southern rock, gospel music, blues, pop, space rock…. you name it! This is an album that you can listen to from start to end, over and over again. I know I have been doing that since I got it.

I would also like to share with you my experience seeing them live at 229 The Venue, in London, before the world ended. The band performed flawlessly, although the sound could be a bit better. Brilliant playlist, the whole club was jumping and dancing. When they play, they give out a happy feeling, a vibe that makes you want to move to the rhythm, rather that headbang. As a true metal head, that was a pleasant surprise that I had never felt before!

Please understand that you are possibly not going to find any of their albums in stores. You will have to contact them directly and order them. So please, if you are openminded like I am, go ahead and order their albums! You will not be disappointed!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Theodoros Apegis
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