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Fans of symphonic/ melo-death metal, rejoice! The Finnish extreme metal powerhouse Brymir has arrived with its third musical offering, following the great “Slayer of Gods” of 2016, and surely these guys are not going to leave you disappointed. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the specific metal subgenre, but I have to admit that, objectively, this is a quite exciting release. The only drawback that I found is the extensive use of keyboards throughout the album’s runtime, something that takes away a bit of the required aggressiveness and sinister vibe from the riffs. But since we’re talking about guitars, I have to congratulate the band, because they’ve come up with a technically superb album featuring some amazing riffs and melodies. The rhythm section is really tight, and the same goes for the production; it’s flawless, pitch-perfect and with a crystal-clear sound. Furthermore, a reference needs to be made to Viktor Gullichsen, frontman of the band, for his exceptional vocals – what a stellar performance! In conclusion, “Wings of Fire” marks a very strong addition to Brymir’s discography, and it’s an album that the fans of this subgenre will greatly appreciate!

Release Date: March 8, 2019

Panagiotis Koreas

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