BLEED FROM WITHIN released music video for new single “Flesh And Stone”.

BLEED FROM WITHIN released music video for new single “Flesh And Stone”.

With only three weeks remaining until the release of their most fiercely anticipated new record “Shrine”, Scottish BLEED FROM WITHIN, have released their new single “Flesh And Stone”. The album will be out on June 3rd through Nuclear Blast.

Accompanied by a video, “Flesh And Stone” is a modern metal masterpiece, peppered with blackened blast beats and masterly symphonic refrains. The song details the destruction of our planet Earth, and the dismal future we all face as a result of unbridled greed and corruption.

Cover artwork by David Provan

Ali Richardson stated: ” ‘Flesh And Stone’ was born from the idea that future generations will inherit a dying planet. The evidence to support this theory is overwhelming, but we are still met with people who choose to deny the fact that this world is finite. Avoiding the traditional performance style video, we instead wanted to create a cinematic fictional world that could no longer defend itself from the sun; a barren wasteland once full of life. In her isolation, our desperate protagonist has resorted to rituals in order to manifest some form of life on this dead world, but it’s too late. It was fun watching this world come together, and we’d like to thank our friend Matt Daley from Clearway Media for his great work on this. Aside from the video, this is a stand out song on the album, and for good reason. We’ve been waiting patiently to share this with you all. Enjoy.”

“Shrine” track listing:

  1. I Am Damnation
  2. Sovereign
  3. Levitate
  4. Flesh and Stone
  5. Invisible Enemy
  6. Skye
  7. Stand Down
  8. Death Defined
  9. Shapeshifter
  10. Temple of Lunacy
  11. Killing Time
  12. Paradise

You can watch the official music video for “Flesh And Stone” below:

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