BLACK LAVA stream their new album ”Soul Furnace” in advance of the release date.

You are currently viewing BLACK LAVA stream their new album ”Soul Furnace” in advance of the release date.

Emerging Australian Blackened Death Metal quartet BLACK LAVA, present their entire new album “Soul Furnace”, in advance of the release date, on November 25th via Season Of Mist.

Founded by drummer Dan Presland (VIPASSI, AMDBL, ex-NE OBLIVISCARIS) and guitarist Ben Boyle (VIPASSI, AMDBL, HADAL MAW), BLACK LAVA draws influence from old school Death and Black Metal bands while injecting groove-laden melodies and progressive elements to create their own experimental sound.

As the pair fleshed out more ideas, they turned to their good friend Rob Watkins of BLACKHELM to fulfill vocal duties. “Within 10 minutes we had found a vocalist and the search for a bassist was on. Tim Anderson was found pretty quickly and was keen to jump on board the idea also, so within a very short time frame we had a full lineup, a record ready to go, and four guys full of enthusiasm to push something new.”

Cover artwork by Paolo Girardi

Sharing a diverse love for Black Metal, Death Metal, and Progressive music, the quartet quickly found their sound and hit a stride. And thus, “Soul Furnace” was born – a searing 34-minute aural assault that conjures up nostalgia while still sounding fresh and current. While the record promises to usher in a new musical era of the 2020s with its forward-thinking and contemporary energy, the lyrics dwell somewhere between fantasy and the old world.

With a new deal with Season of Mist and a team of some of the music industry’s most revered artists, producers, engineers, and professionals behind them to help render their vision, BLACK LAVA is ready to make its debut and unleash its fury upon the masses.

“Soul Furnace” track listing:

  1. Origins
  2. Aurora
  3. Black Blizzard
  4. Baptised in Ice
  5. Eye of the Moon
  6. Northern Dawn
  7. Necrocatacomb
  8. Nightshade
  9. Soul Furnace

You can listen to “Soul Furnace” in its entirety in the following video:

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