Biff Byfford – School Of Hard Knocks

Biff Byfford – School Of Hard Knocks

Year: 2020
Total Time: 50:25
Label: Silver Lining Music

The “veteran” BIFF BYFORD, perhaps one of Rock Heavy Metal’s most recognizable and distinctive voices, begins the album with a nostalgic character, reminiscent of the golden years of SAXON. Also, the riff on the album’s opening track reminded me of “Tattooed Millionaire”, another solo project by BRUCE DICKINSON. In addition, the second song is interesting in Rock ‘n’ Roll AC DC style bringing to mind the classic “747 Strangers In The Night”! The 4th track is a pleasant surprise for the “Flamengo” prelude, preparing us for a beautiful powerful “Maiden-ish” riff – we would say an epic moment of the album. The sequel to the 5th song is heavy enough to bang our heads.

Still, we hear an unexpected, sweet, like medieval tale twist, in the ballad that follows reminiscent of glorious rock moments, in the style of JETHRO TULL. A favorite moment for me, although some may argue of course after hearing the next song, which is a purely JUDAS PRIEST dynamic song. End titles with a love song before the mid tempo sexy groove track “Black and White”.

The album would be an easily listening with a “beer” in hand as an essential accessory. It is a very professional job. An album that definitely wins the impression and definitely does not mince its words, with catapult-like guitar riffs and its embedded Radio Friendly moments. A good job with very interesting ideas suitable for all hours. The sound of the production, sophisticated, brings out this early 90’s aesthetic and is a bit ‘low’.

A very good album that shakes you up! A release that SAXON would like to have for years! Uncle Biff is just giving us pure Metal lessons! To be honest, I had not listened to such a great solo album since FIGHT’s “War Of Words” with “Metal God” ROB HALFORD and BRUCE DICKINSON’s. “Accident of Birth”!

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Nikos Mathiopoulos
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