Be’Lakor – The Frail Tide

Be’Lakor – The Frail Tide

Year: 2007
Total Time: 42:51
Label: Self-Financed)

BE’LAKOR is a five-piece metal act originating from Melbourne, Australia. With “The Frail Tide” they present as their debut work, gaining at the same time the respect of all Doom/Death metal fans! Even though their music cannot be easily confined in a cliché metal definition, the references found in here range between Theatre Of Tragedy (without the use of female vocs), Opeth and Amorphis of the 1994-1996 period…

  This young band avoids all trends, turning back to a mid 90’s raw sound combined with emotional atmosphere, expressive lead guitars, acoustic passages and the -full of harmonies- use of flute, piano and keyboards…

  All songs are well arranged, with unique musical ideas and emotional feelings overcoming even your final wall of opposition…“The Frail Tide” consists of 6 tracks, ranging from 5:40 to 8 minutes and this may be the only disadvantage of this release. However, this fact is not standing as a handicap in realizing what this band really worths…

  The sound isn’t as typical and crystal clear as in most of the releases of our days, but this fact surely acts positively in the overall feeling, driving you deeper in the emotions that BE’LAKOR create with their music.

  It’s surely difficult to sort out any highlight tracks as all of them are unique and have something different to present. The album opens with the best way as “Neither Shape Nor Shadow” makes its appearance. “A Natural Apostasy” is also a perfect- representative song. Great attention must be given to “Sanguinary” which starts with a very depressing sound, coming from the use of the Greek instrument bouzouki which is played by the Greek-routed George Kosmas who also handles the vocals, the rhythm & acoustic guitars of BE’LAKOR. Lastly, the dark-sentimental-instrumental song “Paths” remains one of my favorites!

  I had many years to listen to something so inspired and authentic…

Rating: 8,5/10
Editor: Alexandros Soultatos
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