ATAVISTIA drop lyric video for new single “Ethereal Wander” featuring ÆTHER REALM’s Vincent Jones.

You are currently viewing ATAVISTIA drop lyric video for new single “Ethereal Wander” featuring ÆTHER REALM’s Vincent Jones.

ATAVISTIA is a wall of sound that joyously greets the ears and assails the senses. With sweeping instrumentals, grand orchestrations, and guitars heavier than Thor’s hammer, this Canadian Epic Metal band from Vancouver is preparing to unleash their next odyssey, “Cosmic Warfare” on April 21st via Blood Blast Distribution. The band has released a lyric video for their new single “Ethereal Wander” featuring Vincent Jones of ÆTHER REALM.

Frontman Mattias Sippola comments: ” ‘Ethereal Wanderer’ progresses through the aftermath of a cosmic wasteland in a triumphant journey. We needed to breathe some rhythmic and melodic energy into this track. Triumph after chaos!”

Fans of WINTERSUN, ENSIFERUM and DIMMU BORGIR will be enthralled by the elements of Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal and Scandinavian folk that is intricately woven together throughout their diverse soundscape.

ATAVISTIA goes beyond merely crafting songs and takes you on a mental journey though vast sonic landscapes of snow covered forests, desolate tundras and barren permafrost laced landscapes. Beyond the frosty roots of their blackened inspiration, “Cosmic Warfare” aims for the stars and the vast emptiness of the macrocosm. Bear witness to the destruction of our planet and our cosmos and experience the nothingness of space.

Taking inspiration from the majestic natural landscapes of their homeland, earthly seasons, and ancient Norse culture, ATAVISTIA’s grandiose sound matches these lyrical themes in an impressive symphony of destruction as they balance graceful melodies with brutal rhythmic cacophony.

On stage they are a force of nature, like waves crashing against a rocky shore, their music washes over audiences leaving them gasping for more. In a niche among metal genres, ATAVISTIAhas firmly established its presence.

Are you ready to lose yourself in the juxtaposition of lush and arid, the dichotomy of hope and despair, and welcome the inevitable and beautiful end?

“Cosmic Warfare” track listing:

  1. Omega Nova
  2. Cosmic Warfare
  3. Ethereal Wanderer
  4. Spectral Rebirth
  5. Divine Destruction
  6. Forgotten Silence

You can watch the lyric video for “Ethereal Wander” below:

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