Amon Amarth – Once Sent From The Golden Hall (Β)

Amon Amarth – Once Sent From The Golden Hall (Β)

Year: 1998
Total Time: 44:51 
Label: Metal Blade

Aaaaaarg! Power, speed, wrath, hell! The new album of the gods AMON AMARTH is a fact. The previous one (released from the Singapore label Pulverized), didn’t give them much fame, but now the road to success is wide open.

Strong Death/Black metal recorded at the Abyss studios (Peter Tagtgren) with amazing riffs, powerful drums and hellish vocals, all in a package of 8 songs that have much to say to the listener. While DISSECTION and HYPOCRISY are supposed to be in the past, the future belongs to AMON AMARTH. Hail!

Rating: 9/10  (5,5/6)
Editor: Antonis Livanios
Translation/Rendering in English: Tasos Varelas
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P.S. The initial publication of this review was in the Greek METAL INVADER Magazine – Issue 17 – March 1998

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