Sacred Reich – Awakening

Sacred Reich – Awakening

Metal Blade Records

Total Time: 31:23

Although SACRED REICH had previously stated they will not release any new album, the band has returned after 23 years with a new album! A group that, in my opinion, is underrated and did not get the recognition that deserved in the Thrash Metal community! After so many years, the Americans remain true to their roots, creating a killer live show everywhere they show up! Note that Dave Mclain (ex – MACHINE HEAD) has returned as a drummer.

The album lasts 30 minutes, including eight songs which have a variety in style. The sound of SACRED REICH has not changed at all since the ’90s and the production and the album is old-fashioned! The band has not emphasized in speed but they focused on creating great guitar riffs, while the work that has been done in songwriting is excellent. Rind’s performance on vocals is fantastic, as if time had not touched him at all! This album brings out an old school feeling with its uplifting rhythms and energy.

SACRED REICH came back dynamically with a descent and dignified record that stirs you up, lasting as much as it should to keep it from getting tiring. “Awakening” may represent the album that SACRED REICH should have released after Indepedent”.

Rating: 7,5/10

Nikos Manousis

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