“Nashville” Tuning or “High Strung” Tuning on C Standard Acoustic Guitar

“Nashville” Tuning or “High Strung” Tuning on C Standard Acoustic Guitar

Great tips of how to make your acoustic pieces sound fatter and with more depth without the use of a normal 12 string Guitar, (In case you miss one and you want this type of sound).

In this new lesson, I ‘m playing with my 6 string acoustic guitar using “Nashville Tuning” *.
I’m using again alternate picking (down up – down up) so I can play faster with my right picking hand.

I also use a lighter pick so my chords have a better sound, being easier to play. Try that and you will see a big difference on your sound! I use chords as follows: Em, D/F#, Cadd9, Am7, Dsus, Dsus2.

Listen how different the chords sound comparing to a normal tuned acoustic guitar. Its really great to combine that on your recordings, adding with this way more depth and more colors to your sound. You can have the “Nashville tuning” guitar on your left speaker and the normal acoustic on the right speaker. With this way you will get almost the same result as if you have a 12-string guitar.

Start to play the chords in a slow speed and go faster as you feel comfortable, always use a metronome so you can have a good reference and never rush or try to play faster when you don’t feel ready for certain speeds.

Try this alternate picking and you will see after a while a big improvement on your right hand picking, which after a while will be effortless to play faster and without to having stuck in the normal only downs and only ups arpeggiated chords routines!!!

  • “Nashville” or “high strung tuning” refers to the practice of replacing the wound E, A, D and G strings on a six-string guitar with lighter gauge strings to allow tuning an octave higher than standard.
    Generally, the strings from 12-string sets are used. The tuning scheme is as follows: The first two strings of your guitar (high E and B) remain unchanged and the lower four strings (G through low E) are tuned an octave above standard tuning. “Nashville tuning” particularly shines as a means of adding a shimmering texture to your sound, and sometimes its refers as poor mans 12 string guitar).

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