Entombed, «Deadly Serpents»

Entombed, «Deadly Serpents»
Entombed 2007-05-25

The whole heavy metal ideology was formed around bands like ENTOMBED. With no sign of rock star attitude these guys prove with every one of their releases and with their general way of thinking that heavy metal is based only on true emotions and love for music. It’s that simple and that’s why it is so intense. It’s just a case of passionate musicians who write music for passionate listeners. And LG Petrov is a man who submits unconditionally to his passions.

By Vassilis Avlonitis

(I would like to thank Vangelis for his GREAT help.)

  • Hello LG. How are you?

I am fine. How are you man?

  • Fine thank you. Are you on tour right now?

No, we are home, just between shows.

  • Great. First of all I’d like to ask about the line-up changes. Why Uffe and Peter left the band? Were there any thoughts of breaking up after their departure?

No, not really. I mean many years ago Nicke decided he didn’t want to play with us anymore and even then we didn’t have any thoughts of breaking up. We just love to play music so much to split up. I think Peter had some personal problems and he didn’t enjoy being in a band that much. That’s why he left. Uffe didn’t want to play this kind of music anymore. To tell you the truth I haven’t really spoken to them that much since they left so I don’t really know why they did it. But it’s ok. We had to go on with the band. We are happy to continue doing what we’ve always done and that’s play metal.

  • Were there any thoughts of calling Nicke Anderson back in ENTOMBED?

Not really. After all he has his own thing with Hellacopters and stuff like that.

  • Yes, but he has returned recently to Death Metal with Death Breath.

I don’t know if this move is serious or not, him returning to death metal I mean. I don’t know if it’ s 100% serious. Of course as long as it’s metal, that’s great!!

  • Let’s talk about your new album “Serpent Saints”. The music included is more extreme than ever! I mean you’ve always been an extreme band but this time i think you’ve gone it too far. How come?

We realized… no, we didn’t realize, we always knew that Uffe was a big part of the songwritting. But his music tended to be a bit too alternative or instrumental for my taste, if you know what I mean. So we feel we’ve come to the right direction again. We’ve come home.

  • Do you think you have now settled down to this specific sound? I mean will your next record be like this one? I know of course that it may be too early to think of your next record.

We have already started to think about our next album and it will definitely gonna be towards this more old-school direction. We feel really happy, as we have missed the brutal days.

  • It just surprising the fact that it’s so brutal.

When we were recording the new album, we felt like it was something new and exciting for us. All of a sudden it was like: “Hey, this is what we are all about!”. It felt good to play aggressively again. After all it’s pretty boring playing slow song. I mean slow songs can be good as long as they are evil and brutal slow songs.

  • Did you feel you had something to prove with this record? For example that Entombed is a raw death metal machine and not a death ‘n’ roll band?

Yeah!! I mean we don’t have to prove anything. We know that we can do it. We just play what we want to play. And this album feels fresh and new though it’s…

  • It’s back to the roots!

Yeah, exactly!! I couldn’t be happier!

  • The new album includes a lot of thrash metal elements. You must have been listening to a lot of Slayer lately!!

We are always listening to a lot of Slayer. Slayer has always been a part of our songwritting. It’s a part of our lives. Especially one song, the song “Masters of Death” is like a tribute to all the old demo bands and the bands that we love.

  • Do you think that there is anything left in you from the guys that played in Nihilist?

Yeah. The enthusiasm is always there. And now it’s time to show it. I mean it’s early to think about the new album but it’s the only way to be sure that we will have an album next year and not in four years. On the road to “Serprent Saints” there were some problems with previous members who were not happy. This situation stood in the way. But now it’s fun again, all members are in for good and we will do an album as good as we can do.

  • So you are happy with the current line-up. You think it works better

Oh, yeah!! I mean everybody wants the same thing and everybody is 100 % involved into this. And that is good. Our new drummer for example doesn’t sit in the corner waiting but, on the contrary, he is very much involved.

  • Did the new guys have anything to do with the band’s new extreme direction?

Yes of course. After all having new members is something that definitely gives new energy to the band.

  • I would like to ask you about your sound. i have read in one of your interviews that all you do is to plug in your guitars and turn the gain button on 10. Is this still your approach?

Yeah. Now that only Alex is on guitars sound is cleaner. You can hear guitars better. Not that you couldn’t hear them before, but now it’s better. But we still set our amps on 11!

  • Production is great as always. You have done it yourselves?

Yes. Our bass player was producing. He was behind the desk and everybody was behind him giving ideas. We wanted to make it as simple as possible. We could have put 15 guitars in the mix but we didn’t want to do that because Alex had done a great job on his own. We wanted to stay true to our sound and to make it sound like a live recording.

  • What’s your opinion on the new death metal scene?

When we are out and play live we get lots of demo cds and we listen to all of them. Some are good and some not. But it’s good that people play that old school death metal. It means that this scene is alive. Otherwise it’s all the same. I mean Dismember, Grave all those bands are still present. We went on the “Masters of Death tour” with them and it was really great. You realize that we are still the same guys. Headbanging and drinking beers as we have always done. Nothing has changed.

  • Bands like Converge and Dillinger escape plan say that you are one of their biggest influences. How does this make you feel?

Pretty good actually. Knowing you have been an influence is something that makes you happy.

  • Do you like these bands?

I have seen Dillinger live in Sweden and they were cool. But because of the fact that my cd player is broken I don’t listen to so much music. After all I don’t download music.

  • Since you have referred to downloading, what’s your opinion on that?

From my point of view it’s cool if you want to listen to one song or two to see if you like a band. It’s cool to use it like a radio. But if do like a band I go out and buy their record. I like to have the cover and the whole package.

  • I think metal fans do that as well. They want to support their favorite band.

Exactly! Since internet is reachable to anyone, there is no way you can say “don’t download this or that”. You can’t stop it. But I don’t think it hurts metal so much.

  • Are there any touring plans? Are you going to include Greece in the tour dates?

Right now we are just doing like two shows the week in Sweden or somewhere in Europe but we will come up with a tour plan sometime soon. I would love to come to Greece again cause it’s one of my favorite places. Just talk to some promoters to invite us and we will come and play.

  • You have a lot of fans here

I know and that’s is very cool.

  • Tell me your recent playlist.

I often listen to Angelcorpse and I am looking forward to hear a new record from them. I have in my computer all the old demos of bands like Grave and I mostly listen to that stuff.

  • Any new music?

No, not that much. I don’t even know what is coming out today. MTV’s program is full of new bands with vocals that are brutal and raw but then, when the chorus comes in, they become like “nahnahnahnahnahnah”. I can’t stand that. I prefer to listen to classic stuff. Maiden , Motorhead etc.

  • Have you listened to the last Motorhead album?

To tell you the truth, I haven’t listened to it yet. We are going to do some shows in Sweden with them. We have toured with them before and it’s always great to do shows with them. I want to show to Phil Campell some “dirty” videos. You know he calls me “the sick one”!!!

  • Thank you. It was great talking to you.

Thank you. I hope we will come to Greece for a show. If you know any promoters tell them to come in touch with us!! We want to come and play for our Greek fans!

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