AMON AMARTH – Versus the world

AMON AMARTH – Versus the world

Ten years have been completed since the born of AMON AMARTH. Their kind-of anniversary album «Versus the World» seems to be the most critical point of their career, giving at the same time many credits to the epic/melodic «barbarian» death metal scene! Johan Hegg, the longhaired bearded singer of the group, analyzes us the profile of «VS. The world» in a very quick & friendly telephone conversation…

A: The first thing than someone can observe on your new release is the similar layout with the past ones. Haven’t you been bored of using the same colors, the same motives…?

J:  Fire is an element that we want always to use in the layout concept cause it symbolizes our music, it’s powerful, emotional and passionate. When it comes to our two latest albums I must confess that I’m not completely satisfied with their layouts, but unfortunately both of them were made during a period we were sort of time so we had to finish them quickly…

A: AMON AMARTH vs. the world; what are you trying to pass through this title?

J: There are a lot of meanings that can be given; first of all it’s a message to people to always stand up like we do; stand up for your beliefs, stand for your rights etc.  It also shows our attempt during these ten years we’ve been around, to be recognized within the music scene and also gain the respect of the metal people…There are different aspects to this title.

A: Four years after your most melodic album you return with an also melodic one. What happened and you decided to make a comeback to your past?

J: We set from the beginning that in this album our lyrical concept would have to do with the end of the world in northern mythology so in order to get to this we wanted to make a more epic album than ever before. During this our music set up to be more melodic with more harmonies but on the other hand we didn’t want to compromise the trademarks that makes AMON AMARTH…there’s still some brutality and aggression in there! 

A: I believe that the production in this album is the best you’ve ever managed…it suits you completely!

J: Definitely! I thing we found a really suiting production especially concerning the melodies and the harmonies because in this album you can actually hear the guitars which emphasize the melodies and harmonies a lot better. The production was not made by Peter (Tagtgren) this time but it was Burno at Burno studios who was engineering the whole thing. This guy has done productions to the HAUNTED, VOMITORY, THE CROWN…

A: Tell me some words about the limited edition of your new cd.

J:  It’s going to be a Viking edition…ha-ha; it will be a digipack with lots of nice photos and stuff from our career. It’s sort of a ten year anniversary and we wanted to give the fans something extra so we decided to: first put a re-recording of “Victorious March” with German lyrics, secondly we’re having a re-mastered version of “Sorrow throughout The Nine Worlds” mcd, we’re putting our second demo»The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter” in there as well and finally we are also releasing our first demo “Thor Arise” to it’s complete original recording with the four tracks and the cover to  BLACK SABBATH “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” for which I actually have to apologize to them, ha-ha-ha…

A: Where you satisfied from your two previous albums? Many people keep saying that you were chewing the same ideas…

J: I was really satisfied from these albums and I believe that we’ve really made a great progress. I guess they are very similar of course to each other, even though I thing the “Crusher” is even more “straight in the face” than the “Avenger” but on the other hand they are very similar and that’s the reason that we were looking to do something different at this release.

A: Which song is your favorite from your new album?

J: At the moment I listen very much to “Thousand Years Of Oppression” which is the only song where I didn’t write lyrics myself but it’s a song where the lyrics and the music are very tied together…it’s a great song!

A: Which is the best moment you had in all these years of touring?

J: There are many great moments but one of my favorites is the show that we did in New York, after the accident. We went to america as headliners cause MARDUK couldn’t make it and we didn’t really know what to expect but when we came to New York we were really overwhelmed. It was almost seven or eight thousand people there helping us to make a great show and I got a really great impression from that!

A: Where are you planning to tour for your new album?

J: At the moment we are working on tour plans; nothing is really definite yet. I only know that we will hopefully go on tour with HYPOCRISY in the future.

A: Have you ever visited Greece?

J: Yes! I’ve been to Rhode and to Kos! I was drunk most of the time and I can’t remember many things but I really enjoyed Greece, it’s a very beautiful country! I liked the food, I liked the people and the climate is very nice…

A: The last thing you want to say…

J: I’d like to say to all metalheads in Greece to keep an eye for our new album and I definitely hope to be able to come to Greece for a gig, someday…

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